A wonderful gift which will be treasured forever! A My-Mini-Me® figure from ModelWorks® captures the detail of the "Big-Me" and translates it into a cute-pint sized character.

Choose from a range of our action bodies, executive bodies, sporting bodies or Big-Buddies real body, whichever you choose, all Mini-Me's are adorable and will get more laughs than Tom Cruise doing a bit of a bounce on Oprah's sofa.

Ordering is simple - just click here and complete a simple order form and upload a few photographs of the subject's head (we need a closeup so we can get the detail and expressions); then choose the body for your My-Mini-Me® and that's it. IMPORTANT - all Mini-Me's make the subject look around 38.7% better looking that they really are - great for people who need a little confidence boost.

Approximately 24 business days later your hand-sculptured, hand-painted My-Mini-Me® will be winging its way to your house (or your friend's house). Your very own My-Mini-Me® from ModelWorks® is cheaper than you may think, considering the blood, sweat and tears that go into making them.

  • + Single Mini-Me's using a standard body start at just $99.95 plus $20.00 shipping. order now
  • + Couples are cute. Chose from a selection of our wonderful "we really do love each other very much, really" couple bodies from $199.95 plus $35.00 shipping. order now
  • + A fully customized single My-Mini-Me® where we make the My-Mini-Me® right down to the color of your belt replicating the photo in amazing detail is at $139.95. order now
  • + You can even customize a couple (or more) in a pose that you choose for just $269.95. plus $35 shipping. order now

Upgrade your My-Mini-Me® with customized accessories such as Xrays for doctors, cars, helmets, dogs or other cool embellishments for about $10 each. Or get one of the whole family together, including the dog (we price these separately depending on the breed of the dog ;) ).

Corporate orders.

Having a function and want to create a lasting impression that won't require you to run around the conference room with your undies on your head? Then a My-Mini-Me® is for you - we can tailor make a My-Mini-Me® for your conference group, in your uniform, driving your truck, car, boat or plane or whatever your profession may be.

We even provide you with the e-commerce solution to embed in your web site so your customers can upload their photos and create their own lasting souvenir themselves which they will pick up at registration or at the event.

To see some of the ideas for My-Mini-Me® in a corporate application - click here

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